If you think herpes can single-handedly bring your dating life to a stop, then you need to think again here. A lot of people give up on the notion of dating someone because of this illness. We’re here to tell you that this is not the best solution here. We are going to give you ideas on dealing with the problem. At www.hwerks.com you will come across several such people who are willing to be with you and know you better. This is the place where you can meet that special someone in your life, who will change it for the better!

Any person suffering from this ailment will have a number of questions in mind and a wide range of emotions. It is not unusual for people to feel this way. Here, you will many who will reach out to you, answer your questions, and be willing to share your emotions with you. Empathy and support are two important aspects here.

Active forums

This is a great place to get your questions answered. You will find a lot of scientific information on the internet. Surely those will help you. But here, in the discussion forums, you will get something invaluable; you will get information from personal experiences. People with herpes from different parts of the world will come together here, share their experiences, and answer your questions. Not only are you able to clear your queries, but you will get renewed hope from success stories.

Personal blogs

Personal blogs, as the name suggests, is something extremely personal and close to the heart. These are reports of direct experiences being shared by people from all over who are suffering from herpes. Again, the members can come together, voice their concerns, give opinions and deal with the problem together. The feedback from other members is a rather interesting part.







Video chat

No dating website is complete without the presence of the video chat option. At www.hwerks.com you can make video calls to people all over the world, ask questions, and participate in discussions for situations that you can relate with. It is a great way to interact with people and find the special person in your life. The video brings a certain personal touch to the whole concept of dating and that is what is focused on here.

Photo albums

The members are quite active on this site and the number of photos posted regularly is testimony to the fact! You can know the people well and get close to them via the photos and knowledge of their activities. It is a great way to socialize and come closer to your partner.


There is no ‘free membership’ at www.hwerks.com and that is one of the reasons why this is such a successful venture. Only the most genuine people can have access to the insides of hwerks. However, the payment structure is so nominal, that it won’t pose a big issue for the members. A one-time payment of $30 will take care of all the financial transactions you will ever make with the site. This has lifetime validity.


This is one thing that you can be assured of here. Your personal details are completely safe on this site. Nothing will be revealed to third party members. As the owners say, they will not divulge information about you to anyone, ‘Not even if pigs grow wings.’ Well, that is some kind of assurance, isn’t it? You do not need to worry about who finds you on this site. You can be relaxed and open your heart out here.

Mobile version

In today’s day and age, it is unusual to find a site that does not have a mobile version. Hwerks is nowhere behind. This is especially necessary for this private herpes dating site because they want to bring people closer. Since in this fast lifestyle, people are mostly on the move, having www.hwerks.com handy on your cell phone is a useful feature.
www.hwerks.com: Discussing a movement towards herpes treatment

It is true that a herpes cure is still a distant dream, but we assure you that the efforts are on from all directions. Gradually, taking baby steps, the cure for herpes will become a reality someday and we are marching towards it. The study continues today. The therapeutic Genocea’s GEN-003 vaccination gives us a lot of hope in this regard. It aims towards arresting the spread of herpes. This herpes dating website brings the latest information and advancement closer to the members to keep the hope alive.

There are also local groups from different parts of the United States and Canada caters to the needs of the people, bringing their soul mates closer to them. These different groups differ in size and activity and prove to be very beneficial for the people suffering from herpes.


Contacting the owners and managers of the site is rather easy. If you have a question in mind, a comment, or a suggestion, you can get in touch via the contact us page which will allow you to use your email id number to get your voice heard.


This segment of the website is yet another interesting part that brings the people together. There are national events that take place all across the USA and Canada. You will be informed of these events regularly so that you can keep track. These are great places to socialize. You might just bang into that special someone who can transform your life. Always, make use of these events. www.hwerks.com will take care of these needs and do their best in giving you the best! Apart from meeting your soul mates, you can also meet your other friends who are in the same boat as you are.