There is no doubt that herpes is a health ailment but the notion that herpes means that you need to end your dating life is completely wrong. There are many private herpes dating sites that are working day in and day out to normalize the social lives of people who are diagnosed with herpes. is one such private herpes dating site that has been helping people with herpes to get back to the dating world. There are a number of free herpes dating sites that you will find on the net but few are as friendly as Here on the site, we give the best possible solutions that are available for people diagnosed with this ailment.

We like to provide innovative ideas to people and make sure that they meet people who can empathize with them. It is normal for people with this problem to have a lot of questions and we are happy that they are open to sharing it. We take pride in the fact that members of our site take an active part in helping new members with their queries. The best thing is that the old members are willing to reach out to the new members to guide them in this new world of dating. The key to dating is sharing and is the place where the members can bare their hearts.

The Overview

We know that dating is not easy and when you have a disease like herpes then it becomes even more difficult. Here we make sure that you understand the concept of herpes and therefore we make sure that the questions that you have on your mind are answered properly to give you the right idea about and herpes. Our answers are based on scientific facts so that you understand the extent of the disease and the restrictions it has with regards to dating. Apart from scientific reasoning, you will be able to communicate with people who have faced these problems first hand and get invaluable inputs from them. Moreover, this is a forum where people from all over the world having this problem come together and show you that you are not alone out there which will surely give you strength. Maybe you will be able to get inspiration from the various success stories and one day, create your own.








Photo albums

One thing that is very common in any dating site is the sharing of photos. Here you can share your photo albums with all the members by making your photo album public. Or you will get the choice of sharing it with a select few who are in your favorite list. This makes sure that you have the independence of making your own choices which is very important in any dating site.

Personal blogs

The personal blog is also a very important feature of this site. As you can understand the members here share some of the most intimate stories about their problem on which other members can comment on. These conversations also bring a sense of solidarity among the members which is very touching.